We seek to share with you the beauty and craft of our traditional Senegalese homeware with a purpose.
 What is Paniery?
A homeware label developed through responsible design, preservation of craft, uniqueness and therefore high quality , we take care of our products and the people behind it through a sustainable handmade design concept which benefits everyone . We value full respect by supporting  the senegalese artisans who manufactured each product under our label , as well as respect to the planet through the materials and exclusive production model we adapt, as every object is manufactured using local, raw materials by female Senegalese artisans, which contribute to the improvement of their quality of life within the artisan community.
Why Paniery ?
 Beyond a brand it is a social project, who’s goal is to support artisans and to sustain their know-how in an innovative approach that integrates principles unique to Senegal and in the artisan community of Thies (south west region of Senegal) within the design manufacture and dissemination of their products.
   Our Sustainable Values:
  • Produced from recycled and fully local materials , we work with two main materials : sustainable ndiorokh grass being a natural and compostable material, traditionally used to make basin mats similar to prayer mats.
  • Preserving Craftsmanship through local senegalese traditions which are at risk within our industrialized society
  • Honoring the skills of brave female senegalese weavers , sharing their traditional art with the world , bringing a hint of color and individuality to each modern home.
  • Providing stable employments which recognizes and values their craft , with a fair value.
  • Developing the artisans network to offer more job opportunities with a fair trade concept.


  The founder :
Paniery is a young handmade design brand founded in 2019 by Aminata a young female entrepreneur , originally from Senegal, with a passion for interior design as well as  paying homage to her beautiful culture, she decided she wanted to share the traditions of her country in a modern interior concept. Aminata lives in Rotterdam Netherlands, she often goes to Senegal to be closer to the artisans for daily and successful exchanges.
The production manager Khady & Khoudia (Aminata’s mother) are in charge of regular quality control and shipping. Paniery is first a family story , followed by a love story for Senegal, eco responsible design , craftsmanship and women empowerment.
The Future
 We are convinced that our project , contrasting to  the classic commercialized Senegalese craft work aimed at tourists , Paniery supports the artisans work by giving them a better life in the long-term by opening up new horizons to develop the project which at the end of the day is also theirs.
 Sharing these traditional objects under the paniery label in Europe and the rest of the world is the key to shedding light on the artisans culture , in order to make the initiative sustainable and to concretely support the artisan community by allowing them to participate in new markets and giving them the tools they do not have: publications, exhibitions, digital presence, and finally  the international exposure of their talents and creations .